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About Us

We are Vascenti. Vascenti Aerospace and Defense is comprised of three founders with a combined background knowledge ranging from Aerospace, Defense Manufacturing, Marine and more. Our founders families are comprised of backgrounds in law enforcement, military, construction and chemical engineering. Vascenti has an array of people within the company who widen that spectrum of knowledge and capabilities even more. Giving Vascenti itself superior diversity, paired with diverse vendors and company partnerships. 


With Vascenti any part, material and possibility is just a email away, serving both government and civilians in aerospace, marine and industrial industries. From small applications to defense applications. 


We are constantly meeting with vendors, suppliers and manufactures all over to find and source the best possible products and parts to meet todays standards, certifications and quality.

As of 2023, we have started to search for a place to build a new facility and establish our headquarters. Giving us the ability to stock and house even more parts, with the possibility of bringing in more manufacturing abilities.

*UPDATE: Ground breaking for the construction of Vascenti Industries new headquarters is on track for Summer of 2023.*

Vascenti Aerospace and Defense is a trade name of Vascenti Industries LLC.i

The name 'Vascenti' is a pending trademark filed by Vascenti Industries LLC.

Our Core Values


We accomplish integrity by transparency. We start from the beginning and doesn't end. Vascenti was built on this.


In the world of industries, there can be many fallbacks. At Vascenti, we take the negative and the positive, we wear our success and our mistakes. We also take our mistakes and use them to grow and dedicate to keep working until they are fixed.


Vascenti works countless hours researching and learning. We seek new advancements and opportunities to ensure our work is up to date.


We are committed to you and our team. We don’t stop until you are pleased.


This you will see in our team from the first time you meet them.

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