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Vascenti Aerospace and Defense.

Supplying Today, While Innovating For Tomorrow.

Why Vascenti?


At Vascenti, we have the network to supply everything with an extensive category of parts and everyday materials to rare earth minerals and everything in between. While also having the manufacturing capabilities to create and engineer an endless array of products and parts for government or civilian applications.

Dedicated to Deliver

Covid-19 has resulted in a worldwide shortage in supply demands for many industries worldwide. What separates Vascenti from the rest of the industries is that we have our own in house logistics team. With that being said, our team also works closely with other companies to meet the expectations of delivering your needs.


Our team is dedicated to satisfy your demands. We make the time to meet every one of our clients in person to build stronger partnerships. At Vascenti, our promise to you is one handshake at a time and gain the trust to help you grow. No matter the state, or country, we are here for you!


About Vascenti.

Manufacturer. Distributor. Innovator.


Supplying both the Government and Civilian market with the materials to build, grow, learn and prosper in aerospace, defense and marine applications.

Vascenti has been around for many years. Each day we continue to work hard and grow partnerships and connections. We navigate many opportunities to supply various types of material to meet your satisfaction. We are just one phone call away to set up what you have been seeking for your business and contracts.

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